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There are many reasons why companies choose to lease their equipment. In addition to flexibility and protection against technological obsolescence, leasing provides the ability better match cash outflow with revenue production. Leasing is an efficient and convenient method of acquiring needed equipment. Over 80% of companies lease some, or all, of their equipment in order to take advantage of the following benefits.

100 % Financing
In most cases, leasing allows you to finance 100% of the equipment cost – including installation and setup. Compared with more traditional forms of equipment financing, leasing allows you to retain needed working capital for operations.
Fixed Payments
Leasing provides fixed periodic payments for your equipment acquisitions. Payments are usually made on a monthly basis but can be structured as quarterly, semi-annual or annual depending on your needs. A fixed payment amount enhances your ability to forecast cashflow requirements. If your business experiences seasonal fluctuations in revenues, Primex can structure your lease to allow for lower payments during the off-peak season.
Tax Advantages
Under certain lease structures, your business can lower its taxable income while enjoying a lower payment than that required under traditional financing methods. By converting a depreciable asset expense to a rent expense, the full payment can be expensed for tax purposes. The Primex professionals are well versed in the tax code and can assist our clients in minimizing federal income tax liability.
Lower Payments
Through our experience and relationships, Primex can maximize the resale value of off-lease equipment. This capability allows us to structure leases with lower monthly payments for our clients.
Balance Sheet Considerations
Leasing offers companies the ability to better manage their balance sheets and improve financial ratios. Each type of lease offers benefits unique to your company's financial conditions and objectives. The leasing professionals at Primex will work with you and your accountants or tax advisors to develop a structure allowing you to maximize your objectives.