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Primex Leasing is a full service leasing company serving the needs of businesses and municipal entities. We offer a complete array of services designed to meet the specific needs of the customer. In addition to the lease products below, Primex will work with you and your advisors to develop customized programs tailored for your specific needs and circumstances.
Operating leases provide lessees the opportunity to achieve specific accounting, tax and financial reporting objectives. Also known as "off-balance sheet financing", the lessee does not capitalize the equipment on its balance sheet and treats all payments as rent expense.  The benefits of off-balance sheet treatment include no impact on the company's debt-to-equity ratio and, quite often, lower income tax liability. 
True leases are typically structured with a "Fair Market Value" purchase option at lease expiration. This type of agreement is most attractive in cases where the lessee does not want the equipment at the end of the lease, wishes to avoid technological obsolescence, expects the fair market value at lease end to be low, or wishes to transfer the tax benefits of ownership to the lessor in exchange for lower lease payments. 
Finance leases are most attractive in cases where the lessee wants the tax benefits of ownership or expects the equipment's value at lease end to be high. These leases are structured as equipment financing agreements with purchase options typically ranging from $1.00 up to 20% of the original cost of the equipment. At expiration of the lease, the lessee may purchase the equipment for the stated purchase option amount.

State, county and local governments are eligible for tax-exempt lease/purchase financing. Under the U.S. tax code, lessors need not include interest income from municipalities for federal tax purposes. This allows the lessor to pass along this benefit to governmental agencies in the form of significantly lower payments. Through a "non-appropriation of funds" clause, municipal customers can fund equipment acquisitions over time without the need for voter approval as is the case when incurring debt extending beyond the current fiscal period. The primary benefit is the ability to acquire needed equipment now rather than waiting for the next budget year. 
Primex has the ability to offer minority leasing credits to its customers if desired through a relationship with a minority leasing firm. The minority partner provides the debt portion of the lease while Primex provides the equity portion. Primex's customers have the ability to receive minority credits while at the same time enjoy the comfort of knowing that Primex will be the lessor and title holder of the lease and all negotiations before, during, and after lease inception will be negotiated directly with Primex. If minority leasing is important to your firm please contact Primex for further information.
While providing its customers with attractive programs and products for leasing new equipment, Primex can also offer significant savings by providing previously leased equipment other customers. Off-lease equipment provides a low cost alternative for bridging short-term needs or while waiting for new technology to reach the market.