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Primex Leasing Corporation
Suite 291
2701 Troy Center Dr.

Troy, MI 48084

Phone: 248.244.8400
Fax: 248.244.8181

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Primex grew and continues to grow from successful long-term vendor relationships with various industries throughout the U.S. Along with being one of the most highly respected technology leasing firms, Primex specializes in supporting the success of hardware and software providers. It's a documented fact that the leasing option will increase a vendors sales.
Since its formation in 1981, we have provided leasing programs to many customers - large and small alike. From our corporate office located in Michigan, we provide the critical link to you and your customers. At Primex we understand the importance of servicing the vendor with prompt marketing assistance, fast turnaround time and prompt payment.

Primex's focus is to provide user friendly financing to your customers. We work with you and your customers, concentrating on high technology equipment and software. We want to see your relationship with your customer grow.

Primex's strength lies in our vendor experience. At Primex we are leasing professionals who take a team approach of working directly with you to offer custom tailored leasing options.

Primex is in the sale for the long term. We work with the customer to provide for repeat business with you, the Vendor/VAR.